Energypac Engineering Limited places utmost emphasis on the quality assurance of its products. Rigorous tests are carried out in its manufacturing facility through modern equipments in a controlled environment. We have invested enormously on our testing eWWquipments some of which are:
  • High voltage testing panel
  • Loss measurement panel
  • Insulation testing machine
  • Resistance measuring meter
  • Transformer loss, over voltage, and temperature rise tester
  • Power factor tester
  • Transformer turn ratio tester
  • Inter turn insulation tester
  • Automatic oil tester
  • Lightning tester
Routine tests that are usually conducted are:
  • Measurement of voltage ratio and check of vector relationship
  • Measurement of impedance voltage and load loss
  • Measurement of on load loss and current
  • Induced over voltage test
  • Applied voltage test
  • Test on on-load tap changers
Type and special tests (The tests that are performed upon request):
  • Temperature rise test
  • Measurement of insulation resistance
  • Measurement of capacity and tangent of insulation loss angle
  • Chopped wave impulse test (1)
  • Measurement of acoustic sound level
  • Measurement of zero sequence impedance
  • Partial discharge measurements (1)
  • Measurement of harmonics of on-load current
  • Measurement of power taken by the fan and oil pump motors
  • Short circuit withstand test.
Apart from our own testing facility, number of our transformers and switchgears are Type tested from internationally recognized institutions like:

1. CPRI- Central Power Research Institute, India
2. BUET- Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh

We are in process of getting our products type tested from the following organizations:
1. KEMA- KEMA Nederland B.V., The Netherlands
2. CESI- Centro Elettrotechnico Sperimentale Italiano, Italy>
3. UL- Underwriters Laboratories, USA